Tuesday, July 21


Day 43 - Saturday, 17th October
Arrive 3.30am in Delhi

Day 44 - Sunday 18th October

Day 45 - Monday 19th October

Day 46 - Tuesday 20th October

Day 47 - Wednesday 21st October

Day 48 - Thursday 22nd October

Day 49 - Friday 23rd October

Day 50 - Saturday 24th October

Day 51 - Sunday 25th October

Day 52 - Monday 26th October

Day 53 - Tuesday 27th October
Panna National Park

Day 54 - Wednesday 28th October

Day 55 - Thursday 29th October

Day 56 - Friday 30th October

Day 57 - Saturday 31st October

Day 58 - Sunday 1st November

Day 59 - Monday 2nd November
Flight to Kochi

Day 60 - Tuesday 3rd November

Day 61 - Wednesday 4th November
Allepey & Kerala Backwaters

Day 62 - Thursday 5th November
Kerala Backwaters

Day 63 - Friday 6th November

Day 64 - Saturday 7th November

Day 65 - Sunday 8th November

Day 66 - Monday 9th November

Day 67 - Tuesday 10th November

Day 68 - Wednesday 11th November

Day 69 - Thursday 12th November

Day 70 - Friday 13th November
Flight to Auckland


Day 33 - Wednesday, 7th October
Arrive in Heraklion, Crete, Pick up hire car, visit Knossos Site

Day 34 - Thursday, 8th October
Samaria Gorge

Day 35 - Friday, 9th October
along South Coast back to Heraklion

Day 36 - Saturday, 10th October
Ferry to Santorini

Day 37 - Sunday, 11th October

Day 38 - Monday, 12th October
Ferry to Folegandros

Day 39 - Tuesday, 13th October
Ferry to Milos

Day 40 - Wednesday, 14th October
Ferry to Athens

Day 41 - Thursday, 15th October
Athens acropolis

Day 42 - Friday, 16th October
Flight to Delhi


Day 21 - Friday, 25th September

Day 22 - Saturday, 26th September

Day 23 - Sunday, 27th September
Schwaebisch Hall

Day 24 - Monday, 28th September

Day 25 - Tuesday, 29th September

Day 26 - Wednesday, 30th September

Day 27 - Thursday, 1st October

Day 28 - Friday, 2nd October

Day 29 - Saturday, 3rd October

Day 30 - Sunday 4th October

Day 31 - Monday, 5th October

Day 32 - Tuesday, 6th October

Day 33 - Wednesday, 7th October
Flight to Heraklion, Crete


Day 11 - Tuesday, 15th September
Cinque Terre

Day 12 - Wednesday, 16th September
Cinque Terre

Day 13 - Thursday, 17th September
La Spezia - train - Naples

Day 14 - Friday, 18th September
Pompeii & Vesuvius

Day 15 - Saturday, 19th September
Amalfi Coast

Day 16 - Sunday, 20th September
Amalfi - Naples
Ferry to Stromboli, afternoon trek up Stromboli volcano

Day 17 - Monday, 21st September
Stromboli - ferry to Medina, Sicily

Day 18 - Tuesday, 22nd September

Day 19 - Wednesday, 23rd September

Day 20 - Thursday, 24th September
Flight from Palermo to Stuttgart


Day 1 - Saturday, 5th September

Day 2 - Sunday, 6th September
Caen & Bayeux

Day 3 - Monday 7th September
Mont St Michel & Rennes

Day 4 - Tuesday 8th September

Day 5 - Wednesday 9th September
Loire Chateaux

Day 6 - Thursday 10th September
St Remy

Day 7 - Friday 11th September

Day 8 - Saturday 12th September

Day 9 - Sunday 13th September

Day 10 - Monday 14th September

Catching up on some blogging...

Well, once again there's been complete slackness on my part in terms of keeping the blog updated, but that's now been rectified!

Seeing as we will be leaving the UK shortly I thought it would be a good time to catch up so that we can actually use this page to keep you updated on our way home.

And there's been no lack of inspiration from fellow bloggers so I really have no excuses this time!

To catch up on our last eight months (in pictures, mind) click on the 'July 2009' link under the 'Posts' menu to the right.

Coming soon: Details of our intended route home....

Monday, July 20


A truly fun experienced and a great bunch of people to hang with!

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Phil's visit


At the CabInn - hotel modeled on a cruise ship in terms of the internal layout, efficient use of space and tehrefore lower cost. The only vaguely affordable hotel in Copenhagen! Kind of fun actually to stay in - but only for a couple of nights!

The quintessential tourist snap!!
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Our Turkish souvenir

This is the killim carpet we purchased in Turkey. It's a woven style of carpet as opposed to a knotted one. Took about three hours in a carpet shop to decide on!!

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More ruins

Checking out the local muslim fort with our very friendly guide

On the way back to Istanbul we got in a spot of bother with the Traffic police.....apparently going over the speed limit even though both our map and two guidebooks said we were within the speed limit. Here's the copper speaking to the lady at the NZ embassy in Ankara who kindly spent half an hour translating our case to him before my phone ran out of money.
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From Olympos to Ephesus

The blue lagoon at Olu Deniz

Pammukkale - useful reference to how the pink & white terraces back home must have looked like before Tarawera errupted

Outside the library at Ephesus
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Turkey South Coast

Just another Roman ruin......!! (Xanthos from memory...)

We were amazed with the abundant wildlife in this area, including wild turtles!!

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A priority stop on our Turkish itinerary the Cappadoccia region's unique geology has resulted in centuries of cave dwelling by the locals. We got to see inside of painted rock churches and whole underground cities. There was also a lot of exploring to find the more unusual rock formations...

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A world heritage site, this is the cutest little town known for its wooden houses. The place we stayed was built in the traditional style, although one of the cupboards had been converted into a toilet/showeroom (much to our amusement). Well worth the detour!!

Even the letterboxes are made to match the houses

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