Friday, November 17


Last weekend we headed to Canterbury, staying at a B&B for the night, strolling the streets, checking out the Cathedral (the UK's oldest) and for a bit of Christmas shopping. We attended the Armistice Day commemorations in the Cathedral for about half an hour, which was a unique way to see the place and experience its accoustics. Canterbury seems like a pretty chilled out place with lots of character and not too many people (which makes for a nice break from London every now and then!)

On the Sunday afternoon we went for a drive down to Dover to watch some of the ferries arriving from Calais and to walk along the cliffs. Back to London after that.

Wednesday, November 8

Autumn arrives

Maria, Richard and Andrea visit

A few drinks at 'The Stag'

Andrew, Theresa, Maria and Fran admiring a Goose