Wednesday, June 11

We've moved!!

Well hello there everyone,

First of all apologies for the abyssmal lack of blogging over the past six months. Facebook is partly to blame - the photos are much easier to upload there - but I have also been somewhat slack and otherwise occupied with the new job and preparing to move house etc together with several jaunts to the continent etc. And next thing you know six months have gone and now there may be another gap as we have no internet at the thanks to BT.

But the really exciting news and the purpose of this edition is that we have moved house! We are now living much closer to the action, in Highbury, North London, sharing a new build flat next to the new Emirates Stadium with Lachy & Ange. Graham is still working in Enfield and now has to commute, but once again we live right next to a train station so it is all very bearable. I get to take the Silverlink (aka the Crazylink) to Hackney. It's especially great on the weekends as we can just hop on the tube at Arsenal and its ten minutes to pretty much anywhere in town.

It was, adnmittedly, a bit sad leaving the flat in Enfield as that place had been really good for us the last few years.

Since Egypt we've been to Belgium, Lisbon, Ireland, Norfolk and Spain and there are lots of photos waiting to be displayed right here. Summer has arrived in England and there are lots of things to see and do and it's great being able to spend lots of time outside again.

So this is just a quick note to say hi - we are still here and this blog hasn't really died out yet. I'm hoping to give it a bit of a face lift shortly!!!

Fran : )