Tuesday, May 29


A barrell of laughs.....guess where this is!

Yes it's the Guiness Store House!

Toucans everywhere....

Graham enjoying his coplimentary Guiness at the top of the storehouse

Guiness stew - yum!

Outside Jameson's Whiskey Distillery

Randomn Mosaic Mural

Entrance to Kilmainham Jail - the most interesting place to see in Dublin I thought. The guide we had was fantastic and gave a very good rendition of the history of the jail focusing on the crowding during the potato famine (the jail being a lucrative place to be as you were guaranteed food) and the 1916 rising, which saw several of the freedom fighters imprisoned and shot at the jail.

Recognise this part of the prison from 'In the Name of the Father' ?

Tiny cells

The wall where the 13 leaders of the 1916 rising were shot

Burnt out car

Temporary sculpture exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art

The River Liffy during a short spall of sunshine

Quirky sculpture in the window of an art gallery - the artist was obviously trying to mock the health system, caption for this one below

Dublin Cathedral - This was closed for the filming of some movie. They had big fake polystyrene tombs up in the churchyard, which looked surprisingly real until we saw one of the film crew pick one up with one arm.

Dublin Castle

Trinity College Long Room. It's an amazing library. Apparently there is an Irish law requiring every publisher in the UK to grant one copy of every new publication to the library for free!

The library also houses the 8th century Book of Kells - a really old bible with beautiful illustrations written on calf skin.

The Post Office, scene of the 1916 Easter Rising.

Big needle-like monument in front of the PO

Wednesday, May 9

Badminton Horsetrials - Showjumping

Sunday morning 9am - It's damp and foggy

The front of Badminton House - the setting of the final horse inspection

Big turnout despite the damp

One of the german horses during trot up

Hawley Bennett from Canada turns her horse

Andrew Nicholson and Henry Tankerville

Headley Brittannia

Caroline Powell - Lenamore - New Zealand

Andrew Nicholson showjumping

Hinrich Romeike - Marius Volt-Logistik - Germany

Joe Meyer - Snip - New Zealand

Jonty Evans - Cregwarrior - Ireland

Samantha McLeod - Enchanted - Australia

Sarah Wardell - Kincluny - Ireland

Frank Ostholt - Air Jordan II - Germany

Gina Miles - McKinlaigh - USA

The oldest horse to compete that day, 19 years old. This was his final turnout at Badminton and he got to do a lap of honour to say goodbye.

The Winner - Lucinda Fredericks - Headley Britannia - Australia

'Brit' is the first mare to win Badminton in 56 years - go girl!!!!

The final results and more photos available here: