Thursday, February 7

EGYPT - Coptic Cairo

St. George's church - a coptic christian church in the Coptic quarter of Cairo

The coptic cemetry

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EGYPT - Arriving in Cairo

Our first meal together as a group with our guide Mohammed

Bakery in Cairo

Fruit stalls

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EFYPT - The Great Pyramids of Giza

Standing on the blocks of the largest Pyramid - the one we went inside of

How did they do it? Our guide explained the latest theories but I still don't comprehend...

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EGYPT - More pyramids at Giza

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Wednesday, February 6

EGYPT - The Sphinx

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EGYPT - Abu Simbel temple

This is the hugely impressive temple that the Egyptians borrowed US$40 million to relocate for a distance of 200m so that it would not become flooded by lake Nasser (as a result of the contruction of a massive dam.) Apparently the airport tax you pay upon arrival in Egypt goes towards paying off the loan!!

We had to get up at 3am for a four hour bus ride in convoy to get to this place. They only have one convoy a day so hordes of tourists agglomerate all at the same time. I wonder if the place would have been even more impressive if there hadn't been so many people...

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EGYPT - Philae Temple, near Aswan

Magic Island setting, this was one of my favourite temples, and there were hardly any tourists around!!

Andrew and Graham practicing their walk like an Egyptian.
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EGYPT - Camel riding near Aswan

Our camel Micky Mouse

Beacuse I was a bit delayed after trying to find a suitable bush for an impromptu toilet stop, Graham and I had to share a camel as there weren't quite enough to go round.

Dinner in the Nubian viallage after our camel ride. A Nubian family cooked their food for us - yummiest were small barbecued fresh fish they'd caught from the Nile and marinated with garlic.

Andrew and Jess on their camels.
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EGYPT - Felucca trip

There it is, the boat that was to become our home for two days, sailing on the Nile from Aswan towards Luxor. No motor on board, we were relying entirely on the wind.

Packing the boat

The riverbank
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EGYPT - Typical activities on board the felucca

Working our way through the drinks supplies

Doing pretty much nothing

Fixing the boat

Playing scrabble
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